Writing Prompts! (Made by me!)

Aloha, amigos! Today I am sharing with you a few writing prompts that I created! Feel free to use these in your own stories, but if you include the image on your blog make sure to give me the credit. 🙂 Now let's see the prompts! Here is the first one! ISN'T IT BEAUTIFUL!  … Continue reading Writing Prompts! (Made by me!)


2 Year Blog Anniversary + GIVEAWAY

Clara’s Craft corner is having a giveaway to celebrate her two year blogiversary! GO ENTER!

Clara & Co.

2 years ago, my birthday wish was to start my own blog.

Not long afterwards, Clara’s Craft Corner was born. Since then, I’ve published 288 posts, received 8,870 comments, gained over 40,000 views, and met dozens of people that I’m very glad to call my friends. 🙂

I’m quite grateful you guys have stuck around to read my blog. I hope you’ve at least mildly enjoyed my random posts. 😛

If you’re reading this, then you’re one of my readers, obviously. Thank you so much for reading, liking, and commenting. You’re awesome!

In fact, you’re so awesome, I’m hosting a giveaway in honor of YOU!

Yep, I’m giving away a $15 gift card for amazon.com! In case you haven’t heard of Amazon, it’s an online store that carries just about everything. It has super fast shipping and great customer service.

The best part about this giveaway? It’s completely virtual –…

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