CAUTION: Children at Play (Short Story)

Hey y'all! Today I am going to share a short story for you that I just wrote! * Please note that this story is written and owned by me, and it is NOT okay to steal it.* So I used two writing prompts in this story, and one of them was shown in THIS post.… Continue reading CAUTION: Children at Play (Short Story)


Writing Prompts! (Pt. 2)

Hello! Today I am going to share some writing prompts that I love. And BTW, I didn't make these. ;D VIA OOH THIS IS REALLY COOL! It's not creepy, but it could be made into a really cool story. 🙂 I will definitely write about this sometime. VIA Hmm... inspiring.... 🙂 VIA THIS COULD BE… Continue reading Writing Prompts! (Pt. 2)