Quick update about Camp Nano! 

Heyyyy! I just signed up for camp nano (a little last minute XD) and wanted to see if anyone else is doing it. I know Blackiesunshine made a cabin, and I just wanted to see if anyone else had one. Let me know if you are and what cabin you'll be in! My username is… Continue reading Quick update about Camp Nano! 


My Current Novel WIP (Writing Updates #1)

Hello fellow writers, bookworms, bloggers, and people of the universe. It is I, Mya, here today to tell YOU about my current work in progress. What is it already? My current WIP is a novel called...       Hide And Seek! Here are some facts about Hide And Seek: Genre: Fiction, Fantasy, Action, Mystery… Continue reading My Current Novel WIP (Writing Updates #1)


Keeper of the Lost Cities Blogging Tag!

Woah, that sure is a long name. XD Hey people! I just made a blogging tag! I made the Keeper of the Lost Cities Blogging Tag! Who knows if this already exists.  Anyways, here is the picture I made for it! So here are the rules: Thank the blog who nominated you. List all the… Continue reading Keeper of the Lost Cities Blogging Tag!


So… Welcome

Go follow my amazing friend Gabby who made a new blog! A long time ago, she had a blog that we had made on the same day it since has been abandoned, but now she has a fresh start. Follow her!

Life with g


And Welcome.

This is my blog.

On this blog, I will be discussing life, opinions, advice, writing, photography and just other random stuff.

I started a wordpress account when I was younger; it was an American Girl account. My best friend, Mya, and I started our blogs at the same time.

I later deleted mine. I have had about 10 blogs but I never kept any of them for that long. I hope to keep this blog for as long as I can.

I am still working on this blog, I need to do a lot of editing😅 I’m not sure about the name yet, so comment ideas for the name. Comment what kind of posts you wanna see also. I wanna do an “opinion” thing every week where people can comment there opinions and I’ll post about it. I think that would be cool!

This is a judgement free…

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