Keeper of the Lost Cities Blogging Tag!

Woah, that sure is a long name. XD

Hey people! I just made a blogging tag! I made the Keeper of the Lost Cities Blogging Tag! Who knows if this already exists.  Anyways, here is the picture I made for it!


So here are the rules:

  • Thank the blog who nominated you.

  • List all the rules.

  • Answer the 10 questions about KOTLC that are listed


  • Nominate 5 people who are KOTLC fans


Here are the questions to answer:

  •  Who is your favorite KOTLC character? If it is Sophie, who is your second favorite character?

  • What are your KOTLC ships?

  • Which book is your favorite?

  • Which book is your least favorite?

  • Do you like Keefe or Tam better?

  • Do you like Biana or Linh better?

  • Who do you think Sophie’s biological parents are?

  • How many stars would you rate the series (Out of five stars)?


  • Are you excited for Nightfall?

  • Have you preordered Nightfall yet?


I nominate…


Charis Rae





Now what are you doing? If you were nominated, GO DO THIS TAG!




8 thoughts on “Keeper of the Lost Cities Blogging Tag!”

  1. KEEPER OF THE LOST CITIES!!!!!!! *Runs around screaming* Wow, that was loud… Anyway I absolutely LOVE the idea of this tag! I’m curious, since you’re the creator of this tag what are your answers for the questions?

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  2. Sorry, for the comment from the blog Anhsang, I forgot I was using my dad’s computer, (typical me…) Anyway don’t worry if you get a comment from Anhsang, that’s just my dad’s blog.

    – Staf ❤

    Liked by 1 person

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