Remember the Holocaust (Short Story)

Greeeeeeetings elves, demigods, red bloods and silver bloods, wizards and psychic agents!  (and i guess you too, humans.) Today I'm going to be posting a short holocaust story that i wrote for school. We were all entering the "Remember the Holocaust" contest. It is to remember those who were effected by the holocaust, because there… Continue reading Remember the Holocaust (Short Story)



Greetings, salutations, hello! I know, I know. It's been a month since I've posted. That is honestly insane, how does time go by so fast?? Anyways, since i only have one more week of school I will be able to post A LOT more during the summer. I only have one more week left until… Continue reading SUMMER BUCKET LIST 2018



GREETINGSSSSSSS FRIENDSSSSSSSSSSSSS. I cannot believe it's been THREE WEEKS since i posted last??? Where has time gone?? Anyways, TODAYS POST IS SUPER EXCITING. Because.... I made a YouTube video! Last week i received a package from bookoutlet.com! Book Outlet is an AMAZING online book store where you can buy books for SUPER cheap. Like, up… Continue reading BOOK OUTLET UNBOXING | April 2018


Random Photography #5

OH MY GOSH IM SORRYYYYY FOR NOT POSTING IN LIKE A MONTH. I honestly don't have a good reason i have not posted, i guess its a combination of school and books. I have been reading every spare moment i have, because i reallyyyy want to tackle my TBR and accomplish my 2018 reading goal.… Continue reading Random Photography #5