Why Reading is Important and Beneficial

Last week I had to write and perform a persuasive speech in my speech class, and choose my own topic. Guess what I chose? R E A D I N G. I thought I would share it with you, so here it is. . . . . . . . . . . . .… Continue reading Why Reading is Important and Beneficial


North Carolina Travel Diary

Almost two weeks ago, I left on a trip to North Carolina. It was a loooooooong drive, but pretty fun. So I put together this travel diary for you all to hopefully enjoy. DAY 1 > SUNDAY, 12/3/17 We left around 11:30 a.m., and I grabbed two bags of Hershey kisses before getting on the… Continue reading North Carolina Travel Diary


Random Photography #4: Cats, Aesthetic Bokeh, and my Polaroid Camera

Hiiiii. I thought I would start out this post with this adorable photo of Cuppie (Cupcake). It has been a while since I did a random photography post, so that's what I am doing right now. 😀 Cats Aww isn't she the sweetest. ❤ Using treats is the best way to get cats to do… Continue reading Random Photography #4: Cats, Aesthetic Bokeh, and my Polaroid Camera


A Cat-tastic Photoshoot! + New Theme!

Hi lovely followers! I got a new theme. 😀 Well, technically just a new background and header, but I think it looks a lot better than my old one! Make sure to go check it out and leave feedback in the comments. 🙂 ALSO: If you have been given access by me for the secret… Continue reading A Cat-tastic Photoshoot! + New Theme!


Q&A Answers… finally XD

FINALLY I"M DOING THIS. >>> Let's just get on with the  Q&A. Questions from Ametistia: Why did you start a blog? Because when I was young I would look up random American Girl doll stuff on the internet, and I discovered WordPress and here I am now! If you could time travel would you go to… Continue reading Q&A Answers… finally XD