GREETINGSSSSSSS FRIENDSSSSSSSSSSSSS. I cannot believe it's been THREE WEEKS since i posted last??? Where has time gone?? Anyways, TODAYS POST IS SUPER EXCITING. Because.... I made a YouTube video! Last week i received a package from! Book Outlet is an AMAZING online book store where you can buy books for SUPER cheap. Like, up… Continue reading BOOK OUTLET UNBOXING | April 2018


Book Review: Red Queen

Greetings, friends! If you are new to my blog, hello! Today i am doing something i have never done before: a book review. I have no idea why i have never done a book review. Maybe it has to do with the fact that i struggle with organizing my thoughts on a book. Usually all… Continue reading Book Review: Red Queen


North Carolina Travel Diary

Almost two weeks ago, I left on a trip to North Carolina. It was a loooooooong drive, but pretty fun. So I put together this travel diary for you all to hopefully enjoy. DAY 1 > SUNDAY, 12/3/17 We left around 11:30 a.m., and I grabbed two bags of Hershey kisses before getting on the… Continue reading North Carolina Travel Diary


Random Photography #4: Cats, Aesthetic Bokeh, and my Polaroid Camera

Hiiiii. I thought I would start out this post with this adorable photo of Cuppie (Cupcake). It has been a while since I did a random photography post, so that's what I am doing right now. 😀 Cats Aww isn't she the sweetest. ❤ Using treats is the best way to get cats to do… Continue reading Random Photography #4: Cats, Aesthetic Bokeh, and my Polaroid Camera


THE BIG COVER REVEAL (Writing Updates #2)

GREETINGS WORLD. So, I don't know if you remember or not, but I said I would do a  cover reveal for Hide And Seek on July 21. Well obviously, I forgot. So I'm just going to show you it today. This may not be the permanent cover, but it's what I have right now. By… Continue reading THE BIG COVER REVEAL (Writing Updates #2)


Keeper of the Lost Cities Blogging Tag!

Woah, that sure is a long name. XD Hey people! I just made a blogging tag! I made the Keeper of the Lost Cities Blogging Tag! Who knows if this already exists.  Anyways, here is the picture I made for it! So here are the rules: Thank the blog who nominated you. List all the… Continue reading Keeper of the Lost Cities Blogging Tag!