North Carolina Travel Diary

Almost two weeks ago, I left on a trip to North Carolina. It was a loooooooong drive, but pretty fun. So I put together this travel diary for you all to hopefully enjoy. DAY 1 > SUNDAY, 12/3/17 We left around 11:30 a.m., and I grabbed two bags of Hershey kisses before getting on the… Continue reading North Carolina Travel Diary


A Day Downtown (Photography)

Haiiiii. So back in June I went downtown for the day and I took pictures for a post. Guess what?? I never posted them. So that's what I'm doing today.   T So we went and ate at Crown Candy, which is in downtown St. Louis. It was really good, I particularly enjoyed this coffee… Continue reading A Day Downtown (Photography)


Fluffy, Furry Creatures (ADORABLE)

Greetings! As you can tell, this post is about fluffy, adorable little animals. BABY animals, to be exact. They are.... GROUNDHOGS!! *crickets* Okay, so maybe they aren't what come to your mind when you think about fluffy animals. But they are ADORABLE, and the groundhog that has been living under our porch for a few… Continue reading Fluffy, Furry Creatures (ADORABLE)